My Daughter Scarlett was born in 2013 and from the moment I lay my eyes on her, I knew, my life would never be the same again. I fell in love instantly.

Scarlett has Down syndrome. My initial fears when she was born was for her quality of life, and ours I suppose, would she be ok? Be happy? Lead a “normal” life? Would the picture I had in my mind of family still be a reality – picnics in the park, roast dinners on Sunday? Or would I now just be a carer? The Mother of a disabled child.

Scarlett is now a funny, kind, energetic 7 year old who loves swimming, dancing, riding her bike and annoying her little sister.  And no, I am not now just a “carer”.  I am every bit the Mummy I had planned to be.

Of course we have our challenges, show me a family who doesn’t.  And yes, some of those challenges are different to yours… but honestly, the hard bit is very rarely anything to do with Scarlett and almost always due to a broken health, social and education system.

I LOVE being Scarlett’s Mummy but what I do not love is fighting for pens and drinks at school, or glasses or hearing aids or acceptance into society.  This blog has changed over the years … right now its a place for me to share experiences just in case it helps anyone else while at the same time giving me a place to sort my thoughts.

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