My Daughter Scarlett was born in 2013 and from the moment I lay my eyes on her, I knew, my life would never be the same again. I fell in love instantly.

Scarlett has Down syndrome. My initial fears when she was born was for her quality of life, and ours I suppose, would she be ok? Be happy? Lead a “normal” life? Would the picture I had in my mind of family still be a reality – picnics in the park, roast dinners on Sunday? Or would I now just be a carer? The Mother of a disabled child.

A year or so later and I realise I had nothing to fear. Scarlett is happy, we’re happy and our life is staggering, beautifully, wonderfully ordinary.

I now have a new fear. The world. Other people and how they see Down syndrome. Scarlett has huge potential, she can and will lead a happy, full and productive life and the only limit I see for us is the attitudes and misunderstanding of others.

I hope that by sharing a little of our lives I can help to change that.

You can also follow Scarlett on her very own Facebook page

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